While experiencing life with a traveling circus that has no soul, you may think, “I need a drink.” Well… that can happen!  In order for your group to join the loathsome lot at their hidden watering hole, you must have a Coin in your possession that matches the Symbol on the drinkery door.  Keep your eyes peeled and when you see it, just pay your due to the Lady in Blue and in you go!  Inside you will be among the carney’s very own barkeeps, but don’t expect exceptional hospitality as outsiders barging in on their liquid therapy time… unless of course you plan to run away with the circus!


To acquire a Coin all you must do is ask any Midway character a simple question, “Do you know where we can find the Blind Tiger?” If that character has coins, surely they will offer you one. Only those 21 and older will be given a coin or allowed into the tavern.