Halloween at Hobb’s Grove is exactly what one would hope for when desiring the ultimate haunted Halloween experience. Creepy and mysterious yet frighteningly fun, you know you’ve entered another world from the time you turn down the driveway.

Legions of ghouls celebrate your arrival in this, our 25th Halloween Season! The Grove has grown wild and unkempt for a Quarter Century while the living (and some dead) things thrive on your fears and laughter. Why not indulge your spine-tingling desire to feel that rush of fright and soothe The Grove’s Spirits at the same time? OUR family sincerely enjoys frightening YOUR family year after year after year after year!

Acres of fun await you on the dreadful plot of land known as Hobb’s Grove. We’re located just outside of Sanger, only 20 minutes from Fresno, and we’re so easy to stumble across. Scare… I mean, See you soon… Muah ha ha ha ha!