Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase tickets from the ticket booth?

The on-site ticket booth will have tickets available for any wave that has not sold out online for that night, as well as fast passes, VIP, and customer service.

Can I get a refund?

There are no refunds at all after the ticketed time has passed.
If you have an issue before the ticket date, please email and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Do I have to print my ticket or can I just show my phone?

We can scan either paper or phones, please turn up the brightness on your phone before you get to the ticket window.

Can I change the day/time after purchasing my ticket?

You can reschedule by returning to our website Scroll to the “purchase tickets button” and continue until you are at the screen that shows your options for purchase. There is a question mark located in the upper right corner. When you tap it another drop down screen will appear. Tap print or reschedule tickets. This will take you to a screen that asks for your information. Once you have entered your info, your tickets will appear and be ready to change. If you have any other questions or need more assistance, please let us know.

What if the rest of my group has tickets for a different time slot?

Entry to the attractions will be limited to valid ticketed groups for the current time slot. Date and time changes can be made by the ticketholder online up to the start of the ticketed time slot. Late arrivals for the first time slot who have not rescheduled their tickets can still get in, but only after the second wave has passed. The third wave is somewhat open ended and we will make sure everyone onsite with a ticket gets to go through the attraction.

Why does it only let me buy one ticket?

That usually happens when there is only one ticket left in the time slot. The drop down box on the purchase tickets page shows selectable options up to 20 tickets. If it is showing less than 20, it means there are just that many tickets left.

What are your hours this year?

Concessions and midway open at 6pm with food, fun, and games. The Soulless Circus haunted attraction welcomes it’s first revelers into the queue lines at 7:30pm.

Can my kids under 14 come into the food and games area?

Kids age 10 and up are welcome in to the midway area but are not able to enter the attraction. A baby sitter will be worth it!

What is the max number of tickets or group size allowed?

The online ticket reservations are limited to 20 tickets per purchase and you can buy more in another purchase if you need to. If some are buying their tickets separately, remember to choose the same day and time slot. If a time slot sells out before all have purchased, you should be able to change your times online so that all can be together. Your group can be any size but we can’t allow any more than 8 people at a time going through the attraction together.

Can we come and hang out in the Midway before and after wo do the attraction? Will there be food vendors?

Yes! The Midway, Entertainment, Food Concessions, Bar, Games, and Merch Booth will be open as usual this year. You do not need a ticket to enjoy the concession area.

Do I need to buy a ticket for myself if I’m not going through the event?

You do not need a ticket to enjoy the Midway, Entertainment, Food Concessions, Bar, Games, and Merch Booth.

I purchased tickets for my 4 teenagers, can I drop them off or would I have to stay with them?

Please be advised, parents are responsible for the actions of their minor children while at Hobb’s Grove. That being said, we do not require kids, 14 and up, to be accompanied by an adult going through the attraction.

My parents bought the ticket reservations. Do they have to come with me to show ID?

We will allow entry if you copy the below and fill in the blanks, then email a picture of the authorization to or send the completed form / handwritten note that includes the following and a picture of the cardholder’s ID with the ticket user.

I ____________________________ (your name), authorize the purchase of the ticket for

____________________ (ticket users name)

on my debit/credit card ending with _________ (the last four numbers on the card).

______________________________________ (your signature) _________________ (Date)

Are people allowed to wear costumes?

Costumes will not be allowed in order that customers are not mistaken for circus staff or stray carnies.

Are you offering group discounts?

Group discounts will not be available for the Midway to Halloween Circus event.

Are there any Military or first responder discounts?

Due to the short duration of this event, discounts are not available. We do offer military discounts for our Hobb’s Grove Halloween event.

For all other questions;
Send an email to