Child tickets are for children 11 years old and younger only. Those using a child ticket may need to show a picture student ID card for 6th grade or below. All CHILD price tickets are only valid in the first wave of the night. Child price tickets will not be admitted to the Grange (combined House and Forest) after 8:00pm, so please visit that attraction first with a CHILD combo ticket. Children under 12 may enter at a later time, but they will need to have an adult ticket.

Fast Passes must be used with a valid entry ticket, and are good for entrance to the fast pass line only, not the attractions. A double fast pass may be used to enter the fast pass line by two people at one attraction, or by one person at two attractions.

The time listed on your ticket is your arrival time at your first attraction queue, not your entry time into the attraction.  Wait times vary depending on the night. For faster entry, you may purchase a Fast Pass ticket or VIP ticket. VIP tickets are only available during the final three weekends.

Without a fast pass, you will wait in line. We’ve bracketed the available tickets into waves to help spread the lines out and keep them as short as possible. Every effort is made to get everyone into the attractions in a timely manner while maintaining the quality of the experience. Most people want to show up during the middle of the evening and that’s when lines are longest. The shortest wait times are at the start and at the end each night and on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Buying your tickets ahead of time does not mean you do not wait in line to get into the attractions. Only Fast Pass and VIP ticket holders get short line or near immediate access to the haunted attractions. Don’t worry though, we stay open until the last ticketed patron in line is through both haunted attractions.

Our unique and secluded Private Party space is available for large groups. Please email for availability and pricing.