Dr. Thomas Mortis’ family, hailing from England, established their homestead or Grange as they called it, near the Kings River in 1913. Devastated by his passing due to an accident on the property, his wife Regina, who was trained as a nurse, began experimenting with replacing or exchanging human elements with animal or mechanical “parts” inorder to create stronger and never ending life for those she loved.  
The Mortis home, turned Laboratory, evolved over the years with “normal life” existing among the requirements for experimentation as future generations continued the endeavor. The family now shares their home with the experiments and today, Dr. Reginald Mortis leads the pursuit with a fevered force that knows no boundaries as he pulls his experimental needs from those who choose to “visit”.  Let’s hope he doesn’t need YOUR help!
Oh, in case you were wondering… the early living creations or Amalgamations if you will, grew into uncontrollable horrid beasts filled with envy and hate for the un-disfigured humans. They had to be released into the wilds of the surrounding forest where they thrive to this day!
The Hayride into Shadow’s Keep is a jumbled journey into a world of Fiendish Freaks and Wacky Weirdos. Sit back and relax (yah, right) in the straw filled safety of the trailer and enter without expectations as anything could happen! Stay seated and keep all your body parts within the rails… unless you don’t need them. Scare ya soon!